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    Horseback Ride

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    A Cowboy Experience

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  • Little Jane

    (SOLD) Little Jane is a purebred highland heifer calf, born Fall 2023. She has such a sweet temperament and comes from champion lines, setting her apart from the rest! On our farm, she has been well socialized and will make a wonderful breeding cow or pet.

  • Gordo

    (SOLD) Gordo is a beautiful Silver Dun Bull Calf, born in October 2023. He will be a registered Highland with his new owners. He comes from incredible breeding stock, and with his coloring and sweet demeanor, he will make an excellent breeding bull or a pet. Dam FTH Isabella #59146, Sire RTH Jefferson #60974

  • Frosty

    (SOLD) Hagges Highland Frosty, daughter of our very own Bella, this cow is gentle natured and eye catching. She comes from great bloodlines, and has the frame and sizing to back it up. Own Daughter of Grey Owl's Scooter. Registration Number #63085

  • Cuppa Joe

    (SOLD) An amazing and gorgeous Silver Bull Calf from our favorite Momma cow. Dam is Abel #59322, a beautiful and gentle silver dun cow. Sire is KHH Rustic Ridge Renegade #61055, a gentle dun bull. This bull calf is bred to pass on incredible genetics and make stellar offspring.

  • Ezzie

    (SOLD) Ezzie is a 5 year old Highland cow that was bred with sexed semen on 1-14-24. She is very tame, has given us 2 calves, and will eat grain out of a bucket if you’re holding it. She has beautiful color and a perfect set of horns. We are sad to see her go. She is AHCA registered and her registration number is 60021. 

  • Blossom

    (SOLD) Blossom is a registered with the American Highland Cattle Association and comes from our very own cow, "Bliss" #60644 who has incredible lines and some of the best breeding Golden Hour Farm can offer. Blossom is sure to be a wonderful pet or breeding cow.

  • Moo

    (SOLD) "Moo" is a Registered Highland Cow confirmed pregnant with sexed semen from KHH Rustic Ridge Renegade (a dun bull). She is very tame, halter broke, and still has her collar on. She is a gorgeous red with blonde bangs. Moo is a great mom, and even had heifer twins last year with no trouble. She is 11. Confirmed pregnant by ultrasound. She is AHCA registered. Registration number #53920.

  • Comet

    (SOLD) Chocolate Heifer Calf born April 14, 2023. Friendly and easy to pet and used to kids and dogs. Dam is RSO Starlight #62619. Sire is KHH Rustic Ridge Renegade #61055. Comet is bred well and will be a great lifelong cow with genetics to produce amazing offspring.