Cows for Sale

  • Pregnant 3 year old AHCA Heifer

  • "Last Chance Kendall" is a 3 year old AHCA heifer that is pregnant and due to calve in October. Bred to STR Homeland, a nice yellow AHCA bull. Calf will be registerable. Kendall is a great cow, with good breeding and a calm demeanor. She is ranch raised, so she is not friendly but is great to have around the farm.


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  • "Little Jane"

    (SOLD) Little Jane is a purebred highland heifer calf, born Fall 2023. She has such a sweet temperament and comes from champion lines, setting her apart from the rest! On our farm, she has been well socialized and will make a wonderful breeding cow or pet.

  • "Gordo"

    (SOLD) Gordo is a beautiful Silver Dun Bull Calf, born in October 2023. He will be a registered Highland with his new owners. He comes from incredible breeding stock, and with his coloring and sweet demeanor, he will make an excellent breeding bull or a pet. Dam FTH Isabella #59146, Sire RTH Jefferson #60974

  • "Cuppa Joe"

    (SOLD) An amazing and gorgeous Silver Bull Calf from our favorite Momma cow. Dam is Abel #59322, a beautiful and gentle silver dun cow. Sire is KHH Rustic Ridge Renegade #61055, a gentle dun bull. This bull calf is bred to pass on incredible genetics and make stellar offspring.

  • "Blossom"

    (SOLD) Blossom is a registered with the American Highland Cattle Association and comes from our very own cow, "Bliss" #60644 who has incredible lines and some of the best breeding Golden Hour Farm can offer. Blossom is sure to be a wonderful pet, show cow, or breeding cow.

  • "Comet"

    (SOLD) Heifer Calf born April 14, 2023. Friendly and easy to pet and used to kids and dogs. Dam is RSO Starlight #62619. Sire is KHH Rustic Ridge Renegade #61055. Comet is bred well and will be a great lifelong cow with genetics to produce amazing offspring.