Golden Hour Farm Cattle

Our Highland Cattle are registered with the American Highland Cattle Association and are selected for their size, confirmation, demeanor, and color. Most of our cattle come from champion bloodlines and we are very selective in our breeding. We love a colorful, large framed cow that is as gentle as she is beautiful. But we have not lost sight of the value of good genetics and a strong straight build.


Star is definitely our most outgoing cow! We love having her spunky personality in our herd. She has the cutest brindle face, and consistently produces cows with a low birthweight and unique coloring.

RSO Starlight #62619


Cassidy is daughter to our very own "Lizzy", and currently our only blonde cow! From LEA-White Farms on the bottom, and by Grey Owl's Scooter on the top, Cassidy has the right pedigree to produce. Her sweet gentle demeanor and large boxy frame make her one of our most promising Heifers. We so excited for her future with us! Frozen Embryos available.

Hagge Highland Cassidy #63086


Latte is the farm favorite and only produces gorgeous Dun calves. She consistently passes on her docile friendly demeanor, and her big boxy frame. We love this cow!

AlBee's Abel #59322


Out of our very own Honey Creek Roxanne, by CBS Yaz's Yukon Jack. Royal is a beautiful red color and is one of our gentle giants. She is calm mannered, large framed, and beautifully put together.

CBS Royal #60647


An LEA Ledaig daughter, by LEA Lyle. Lizzy carries the silver gene and has produced 2 silver calves with us. She is docile and loves eating treats out of your hand! Frozen Embryos available.

FTH Isabella #59146


Bliss is a wonderful mother out of Canadian lines on the bottom, and by CBS Jameson on the top, a proven Champion producer.

CBS Bliss #60644


Out of LEA Etta Place, by LEA Lyle, this cow has some of the best breeding from some very impactful cattle. She is large framed, docile, dun colored, and one of our top producers. Frozen Embryos available.

FTH Bella #59147


Out of Honey Creek Rachel, by Grey Owl's Borg, Roxy is our largest cow and sure to produce calves with equally large frames. She has a unique black marking on her muzzle that almost looks like a mustache! We love the size and sweet demeanor that she adds to our herd.

Honey Creek Roxanne #57149